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Intense Fantasy Fistfighting To The Knockout!
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-This Feature Available In 2 Speeds-
Heartbreak Motel starts out like many other fugitive from justice stories, with a villainess relaxing in her hideout
But for DamselStruction fans, what makes a story great has less to do with the big picture or plot, and more to do with the "nuts and bolts". So.... We have a super-sexy villainess on the run from justice, and we have the always-sexy Jordana ready to deal out the justice with both hands..... Here's a collision with potential!
This great fight video features a few minutes of legs-tangled catfighting, a few minutes of fist fighting with face and belly blows as Jordana Justice figures out the buff villainess's weak spot, then it turns into a grinding one-sided belly punch-out in the tradition of the best of DamselStruction!
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You'll thrill to the sights and sounds as the long arms of the law and the bare knuckles at the business end of them sink into the soft underbelly of crime as embodied by this unfortunate blonde baddie! Jordana is merciless once she finds Bella's weakness!!!
(Featuring DAMSELSTRUCTION CLOSE UPS and SLOW MOTION +PLUS+ SPLIT-SCREEN so you see the fists sink in without missing ANY of the reaction!)
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After Jordana decides to move in and arrest Bella Navelle woman to woman, the confrontation takes no time in getting rough! Within 2 minutes the fists are flying!
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BELLY PUNCHING FANS! This video features the best punching action since "Right in the Belly!" Both actresses really gave it a great effort and the end result is a great belly punching video!
"Ever since I saw you, I was hoping you'd try to get away so I could knock you out by punching you in the belly!"
"You think this is bad? Wait till you what they do to you in Jail!"
Jordana is a crimefighter who really loves her work. She's all smiles as she wrecks this buff villainess!
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The Clips Displayed Here Are Compiled From The Video.
As the fight moves into the belly punching phase, you'll notice that this time we've added a nice detail. In the "No Sound Effects" version of this video, we've amplified the sound of the impacts. So that's 100% true sound that's live as can be!
Vital Video Stats:
*LENGTH - 32 Minutes
*STARRING - Bella and Jordana

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